Mayor Pat Won’t Be Back

That’s what Twitter (specifically CBC’s Geoff Leo) is telling me. More later from Dechene, who’s at the presser.

Author: Stephen Whitworth

Prairie Dog editor Stephen Whitworth was carried to Regina in a swarm of bees. He's been with Prairie Dog since May 1999 and will die at his keyboard before admitting his career a terrible, terrible mistake.

21 thoughts on “Mayor Pat Won’t Be Back”

  1. It’s true. He’s not running again. Press conference went as you’d expect. No big surprise news. Will report more later. Must make lunch!

  2. So who is the heir apparent that will look out for the citiz… er… corporations in Regina?
    And does this have anything to do with the fact that the next term would be the one that is supposed to build Ridiculous Dome (but probably won’t be able to do so)?

  3. Jumping to federal, provincial politics, or corporate boards across Canada? “Trying his hand at the private sector,” as it were. Or “Returning to the private sector.”

  4. “Smoooooooooooke on the water…a fire in the sky.”

    I’m guessing it won;t become a race between just Bob Loblaw & Jim Elliot…

  5. Do you really believe Pat Fiacco’s stepping down to spend more time with his grandchildren, at the ripe old age of 50? My guess is he’ll take a long, 3-month holiday in Hawaii, then became gov’t-relations guy for Cameco, Potash Corp, or Mosaic, then possibly jump to federal politics for either the CP or Libs in Wascana, though he may prefer to earn $450,000/yr in the private sector with 7-week paid vacays instead.

  6. Meditate on the fact that for at least another day, “mayoral frontrunner Jim Elliott” is an accurate string of words.

    Much respect to Mr. Elliott, of course.

  7. @#10, but don’t you gotta admit he looks good in a suit? Much like Pat did. Besides, the alliteration of “Manfred for Mayor” sounds much better than that twisted slogan “Saylor for Maylor”.

  8. Well after years of seemingly impossible promises and tall tales (I will double the city’s population, I have 20 secret companies begging to pay for a domed stadium, the downtown Patio will come in on time and under budget etc) it appears he’s woken up to reality and has let himself off the hook.

    Like Sarah Palin we saw so much get promised followed by an early exit before any of the jobs were done.

    Good luck mayor Pat! Even though you lied like a carpet we all wanted to believe your flights of fancy and we certainly enjoyed the ride.

    Now let’s focus on reality and spend the next couple decades trying to solve the huge financial problems you left behind while ignoring the boring business of responsible civic governing.

  9. Szarka for Szmayor!

    Seriously though, #13, I think Pat has served long enough to not be compared to Shotgun Sarah. Your criticisms of his legacy will all be debated in due course, but I think overall he was a good mayor who moved the city forward. After the string of seat warmers and drunk drivers we had after Henry Baker, Pat was an absolute gem. Thanks Pat, now go out and get us a dome!

  10. Upon reflection, I must say I’m looking forward to returning to the pre-“I Love Regina” Regina. I’m not much for LCD slogans. I noticed the CBC said Elliot took 15% of the vote in 2009. Wasn’t it 84% to 15% to 1%? The Ficus coulda pulled 15% in that race. Go Jim!

  11. Ok, So how about 10 city wannabe councillors in each commuiry, running for a change? Write – ins still count, right?

  12. @14, I too thought of Szarka, but couldn’t figure out how to szell a szomewhat-uszed giant szcreen that’sz now getting szomewhat ruszty!

    Meanwhile Pat in his szuit sztill looksz Tip-Top!

  13. Lets see… This was the guy who’s platform repeateldy was no tax hikes…Fail!
    I love Regina campaign advertising how cheap housing is in Regina…My kids cant afford to live here after that…Fail!
    Millions on rail relocation …Fail!
    Million on Dome stadium when feds were not spending(seen that one coming)…Fail!
    Our fancy eco-friendly vintage 70’s buses we bought because the new ones were run to the ground with no maintenance…Fail!
    9 million Victoria park…Fail!
    Changing one ways…Fail!
    Corporate tax cuts while you and me pay the price…Fail!
    Millions on feasibility studies with nice words like “could and possibly”… Fail!
    Bull shit factor …priceless!

  14. @ 19, BS factor set to extreme at local, provincial, and federal levels…but something must have happened in the 90s, besides Liberal and NDP fiscal prudence, that made people crave this.

  15. “Mayor Pat” Mindless Right wing bully.
    GOOD RIDDENCE!!! Left the city more divided and less tolerant, sad the media gave him such an easy ride including the Prairie Dog. Ditto for so-called progressive councillors like Fred Clipsham who failed to take on “Mayor Pat”. Sad were the days we lost Mike Badham and Joe McKeon…

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