Gainer the Gopher never did make it out to the Mascot Challenge that Service Canada Centre for Youth hosted on the Scarth St. Mall over the noon-hour today to promote summer youth employment. Thus, we weren’t able to approach him about loaning us one of his old gopher costumes for us to reaccessorize with a Mao jacket and cap, a hammer and sickle pennant and a Karl Marx watch fob as I discussed in the 14 Days section our July 2 issue to create Prolie the Prairie Dog. (scroll down to July 7.)

Oh well, maybe next year. But as you can see from the accompanying photos, plenty of other mascots did make it out to this event, where they competed in a work-related obstacle course. Most of the tasks they performed qualified as “odd jobs” like watering plants, moving and stacking cardboard boxes and sweeping up. All were done to a thumping techno beat that attracted a decent-size crowd on a sunny and warm summer day.

 Tomorrow at noon, Regina-based rock/funk/blues band the Red Shells are playing on the mall. Check it out if you get a chance.

More pics after the jump.