Watch the video above. What don’t you hear? Any of Regina band Prop Planes music or any real descriptions of it.

The other day, I saw this video posted on someone’s Facebook wall and it almost instantly irked a bunch of people. Some people cited pretentiousness as a reason for not liking it; I’m a little put off because it seems like a case of marketing over music.

Prop Planes are set to play their very first concert tonight at the Distrikt. They’re headlining, with supporting acts Hours and Jim Demeray. (You can find more details on that over here.) In advance of that, they haven’t released any music in finished or demo form, played shows opening for other locals or any other thing that a band would traditionally do to establish themselves in their hometown. If I want to go to the concert tonight, the best I have to go on is the bit from the QC profile of them that describes their music as “a blend of rock and punk”. This isn’t how a lot of bands do things.

That said, Prop Planes can afford to work like this right now. The members have reputations from other Regina bands that have followed them, in addition to friends and family and anyone else who might show up for someone’s first show. As of right now, there are 193 people saying they’re going to this show tonight. If videos like the one above were made to build excitement about Prop Planes’ debut, it’s worked really well.

I’ve never had to put a band together or market music I’ve made or anything like that, so I don’t know about this. Dog Blog readers — any thoughts?