Rick Rypien, Stephen LaRose And The Case Of The Missing Logo

In case you missed it, Stephen LaRose wrote a fantastically dickish quip in his Six In The Morning post today. Item number four reads in part:

The Regina Pats encourage fans to sign a book of condolences at the Brandt Centre today in memorial to Rick Rypien, who died by his own hand earlier this week (Rob Pedersen). And the widow of Dave Batters chines in, because, as you all know,only Conservatives get depressed. (Leader-Post).

A few things. First, I haven’t read anything confirming Rypien’s death was a suicide, though all the coverage implies that. Second, it doesn’t help anyone when our writer shoehorns a sarcastic cheap shot at the Leader-Post — in this case at a legitimate interview with Dave Batters’ widow in an article about Rypien — into his news quip. There’s nothing wrong with the Leader-Post interviewing her. It’s relevant to the news. Besides, Batter’s death was tragic and his family deserves credit for using that tragedy to try to help people.

In short, Stephen LaRose is being kind of an asshole. But that’s okay. Every newspaper needs one or the shit backs up. It’s apparently Rosie’s turn to wear the hat today. Maybe tomorrow it’ll be me.

Third, I actually get what LaRose is worked up about in his insensitive blog post. He’s attacking the fact that it sometimes seems like it takes the death of an “acceptable” person — like a pro athlete or a successful politician — to draw attention to serious issues like depression, which a lot of people who aren’t successful public figures suffer from. He probably thinks that’s despicable. Well, fair enough. It kind of is.

But can we save that conversation for another time when people aren’t mourning, and maybe not take shots at widows who are trying to help?

Fourth, and unrelated to Stephen “high on Ativan” LaRose, I read a great story on Mark Rick Rypien and hockey fighting in the Columbus Dispatch this morning. It’s interesting, sensitive and probably worth your time. Check it out.

Finally, the Six In The Morning logo is in the media library, where it always is, Rosie. Harumph!

Author: Stephen Whitworth

Prairie Dog editor Stephen Whitworth was carried to Regina in a swarm of bees. He's been with Prairie Dog since May 1999 and will die at his keyboard before admitting his career a terrible, terrible mistake.

3 thoughts on “Rick Rypien, Stephen LaRose And The Case Of The Missing Logo”

  1. Thanks for the follow up! I had begun a response and deleted it because I was too worked up.

    LaRose actually wrote an even far more “dickish” original post, which was captured by my RSS reader. So, what the public saw isn’t even as offensive as what I read.

    I disagree with Batters’ political views and I wouldn’t have know Rick Rypien if I saw him on the street, but I have great compassion for anyone dealing with depression and their families that struggle with them. I respect Batters’ wife for continuing to try and bring light to this fantastically dickish condition.

  2. A dick move indeed, thanks for at least recognizing that. Until it’s official, don’t say it or speculate. The man hasn’t even had his funeral yet.

    If that was written in the Globe and Mail or ESPN there would be ton of heat. This is a different forum, but that doesn’t make it acceptable. Comments like that make me not want to read this site.

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