Marianas Trench W/ Walk Off The Earth

A double shot of Canadian pop rock is in store for Reginans on Saturday March 26 when Marianas Trench and Walk Off The Earth play a concert at Brandt Centre. I would expect it to be a small arena show, but it should still pack plenty of punch.

Based in Vancouver, Marianas Trench is touring in support of its fourth album Astoria which was released last November. According to the band, the album was conceived in the style of a 1980s fantasy/adventure — specifically The Goonies which was set in a town called Astoria in Oregon.

Walk Off The Earth has been around since 2006. But in the last few years they’ve acquired a bit of buzz status for their quirky instrumentation and unique covers of songs by other artist.

Show time on Saturday is at 7 p.m., and you can get ticket info on the Brandt Centre website.

Here’s the video for Walk Off The Earth’s first single “Rule The World” off their 2015 album Sing It All Away:


Author: Gregory Beatty

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