Stephen “Wittyworth” Whitworth has already pointed you all towards the new poll, and a bunch of you are already commenting and voting. Awesome, I say.

But maybe you’re reserving judgment. You’re not sure just which one of your favourite writers would be best suited to the duty of reviewing the new album by Regina’s own Library Voices, Summer of Lust. You’ve got your prairie dog writer trading cards laid out on your Star Wars: Episode 1 bedsheets, including a Stephen LaRose rookie card which isn’t easy to come by these days, with all the stats on what they’ve dug and not dug in their reviews.

MacRae is the team starter when it comes to europop. I’ve got a bar graph that compares the number of Robert Pollard-related albums I own to everything else. Wittyworth just has the statement “Sometimes, I just think all music would be better if it were sung by girls” to weigh on his conscience. (If I’m getting that last one horribly wrong, feel free to butt into this post to correct me, S.W.)

Well, here’s a new data point to consider: Exclaim! is streaming all of Summer of Lust over at their site. Check it out here.

A side note: I’m not sure if Wittyworth had always been intending to throw John Conway into contention, but when my dear editor told me he’d be doing this poll, my first thought was, “Oh, yeah, let’s get Conway in on this.” I don’t want to presume too much, but at least in my time reading and writing for the paper, I haven’t seen any music reviews from the guy.

But he must have opinions on it, right? About music in general that hears, I mean. I know he came up in the student press back in the sixties and, if my readings of the Carillon‘s archives are correct, they were really excited about Ian and Sylvia. Plus, he’s got strong opinions about everything else.

If Wittyworth put him in the poll, there has to at least be a chance he’ll do the review. And it looks like he might take it; he’s just short of 26 per cent of the vote and he hasn’t been much below that since it got going. My advice: send your vote his way. A vote for John Conway is a vote for a Library Voices review that I assume won’t mention their musical influences.