Mail Fight!

I haven’t decided if I should run this letter from one of our readers on my editorial this issue. It would need some editing.

Read your little opinion piece(and that is what it is OPINION….no facts,as you feel …unless of course,you disagree with Barack Obama and quite an ever growing number of high ranking Democrat officials) and was quite amazed to see how the entire diatribe was dedicated to bad-mouthing the right wing of American politics and broadcasting,based primarilary on your hate of the right.

Amusing how you bring past quotes from right wing politicians and their references to re loading and targeting.

You must have had a bit of oversight when you failed to bring up the Democrat who ran ads that he was taking aim at Obamacare and actually took a rifle and shot the Obamacare health bill nailed to a target in the t.v. ad….MMMMMh…wonder how  you managed to overlook that one.?? You refer to only the right wing of America and their violent tendencies and all the hate perpertrated only from the right…once again,you  must have been not watching the news on the days when Alan Grayson from Florida was spewing his hate-filled crap every time a camera was in front of him…

SEIU members during the campaigns taking to the pulpits of rallies and telling everyone how Rebulicans want old sick people to die because they didn’t support Obamacare…nothing hateful there,huh,just stating facts,right???

And maybe you forgot about left wing Clay Duke Soetoro who shoots at school board   members in Bay City,Fla

And maybe you were away on holiday when the news about Joe Stack flying his plane into IRS building in Austin Texas.

And you must have been not paying attention when James Lee takes hostages in Silver Spring MD because he didn’t feel they were giving enough air time to global warming on their airwaves.

NO VIOLENCE from all the peace loving left wing….maybe if you were being objective and totally truthful,you would admit that there is plenty of incidents and violence to go around for both sides of the spectrum…unless you don’t care about objectivity and truth

(Name withheld by Editor)

For the record, anyone who says the current batch of left-wing rhetoric (which sane people call “centrist”) in the States even begins to approach the virulence of the right’s raging is wearing Limbaugh-coloured glasses. There’s just no comparison. And frankly, I don’t believe a person whose perspective is as distorted as this letter writer’s can be conversed with. He’s obviously ridiculously selective in what he pays attention to.

As for my debatable opinion that the shooting wouldn’t have happened if the rhetoric wasn’t spun out of control, well, I could argue with it more credibly than this guy. But I’ve made up my mind and I’m going to stick to my views.

Anyway, my highly professional and wise e-mail response:

Thanks Tim! For clarification, “Editorial” does denote opinion.

Also, I am right and you are wrong.


Stephen Whitworth


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Author: Stephen Whitworth

Prairie Dog editor Stephen Whitworth was carried to Regina in a swarm of bees. He's been with Prairie Dog since May 1999 and will die at his keyboard before admitting his career a terrible, terrible mistake.

6 thoughts on “Mail Fight!”

  1. I am a big fan of the phrase “You may be right” when dealing with difficult people. Especially when said in a tone that indicates anything but. This is your daily passive-aggressive tip!

    (Loved your reply.)

  2. katie, do you ever actually listen to what the person says or just wait with baited breathe, ready to unleash your classic line on them? maybe they are right, maybe you agree with them 100%? how would you know, blinded by your search for instant passive-aggressive gratification?

  3. Dear anonymous: Don’t take sarcasm so personally, you will never survive on the internets. Love, Katie.

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