Magnetism Meme Sticks

Another magnet boy story, L-P? Seriously? So soon after the last one was shown to be a hoax?

We went over this…. The kid is not magnetic. He’s sticky.

Clearly somebody at the L-P website is just fucking with me now.

Author: Paul Dechene

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4 thoughts on “Magnetism Meme Sticks”

  1. The L-P is just a tabloid with a bunch of fluff in it. Has been for a long, long time. Today they had a “news item” about “scantily clad women” protesting the province’s stripping laws. OK maybe that is news, except that there was no story — only a bunch of photos of the scantily clad women. You guys covered the same thing here in your blog, but with fewer lascivious photos and wrote an actual article.

  2. Well, the news media, including us, should be criticized and pushed to do better. But it’s a hard job. I don’t have any (well, many) grudges against the L-P.

  3. I don’t hate either the PD or the LP.
    Local sports coverage by both are lacking.
    Good luck cycling,good luck roller derby.
    Regina Riot, why not LFL? Too?
    Somebody here, other than me, must know that Ryder Hesjedal is a Canuck.
    Go Beaver Dames! 1 loss is ok.

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