After several cases of purported magnetic children appeared on the internet (see here and here), it looks like a baby right here in Regina also exhibits mysterious magnetic powers.

“We always thought he had an attractive personality, but this is ridiculous,” says father of the magnetic tot and prairie dog writer, Paul Duschenes.

“That’s a little joke,” he adds.

In blurry photos that were just released, metal items can be seen clinging to the child’s chest at an angle that defies gravity. When asked why it is that in the images, there are such a small number of items when compared to other recorded cases of magnetic children, Duschenes replies:

“Oh, there are all these sciencey types who are saying, ‘Big deal, it’s just a couple spoons.’ But I can assure you we’ve seen him with a whole lot more stuck to him. It just never seems to work when other people are around.”

“And getting a picture is difficult because he won’t sit still long enough,” says Duschenes. “What these so-called ‘skeptics’ seem to forget is what it’s like to be a child.”

Duschenes notes that while his baby’s mysterious magnetic powers are remarkable, he hasn’t always had them.

“Something certainly changed recently. Since the arrival of all this hot, humid weather, it’s like he positively oozes magnetism,” says Duschenes. “The sun must activate his powers. Same as Superman.”

And like the other magnetic children on the internet, some of which have been shown with copper and aluminium cookware adhering to their skin, Duschenes says that unusual things also stick to his son.

“He’s so magnetic, even stuff you wouldn’t think could be magnetic will cling to him,” says Duschenes. “Like plastic cutlery. And minted peas.”