Aged 88. From The Guardian:

Over a career that spanned 50 years, Freud became famous for his intense and unsettling nude portraits. A naturalised British subject, he spent most of his working life in London and was frequently seen at the most salubrious bars and restaurants, often in the company of beautiful young women such as Kate Moss, who he once painted. A tweet from the writer Polly Samson last night reported that Freud’s regular table in The Wolseley restaurant was laid with a black tablecloth and a single candle in his honour.

I found out from Facebook*, of course. Bleah, stupid Facebook. I have a couple of posters of Freud art, one of them of an epic painting of Leigh Bowery that makes the late artist/musician/outsize personality look like a giant, plucked, oven-ready turkey. It’s a nice visual pun, and Freud — who had a sharp eye for flesh — was mighty good with a brush. (He painted buildings pretty well, too).

R.I.P., sir. May there be slumbering whippets and large, spectacular models in your afterlife.

*H/T to Carrie-May