Love The Plan, Hate The Process

Here’s what the stretch of Victoria Park running along 12th Ave. looks like today. So yeah. As expected, we’ve lost a few trees. Ouch.

Here’s the link to the new downtown on the City’s website. You’ll need to use your imagination because this is a map, not an architectural rendering. But you can see the plaza that will be where those trees were.

And here’s the City’s web page on the plaza, which includes a Sims-style 3-D image of what the plaza will look like. There is also a conceptual “paintig”.

Next summer this plaza will be filled with farmer’s markets, benches, vendors, buskers and (if we’re lucky) street magicians, jugglers and annoying mimes.

Change sucks but I think those trees will have died for a good cause in the end. I think this plaza deal will make the block of Cornwall just north of the park a lot nicer, just by the proximity.

So yeah, I think this is okay (but poor trees!). What do you guys think?

Author: Stephen Whitworth

Prairie Dog editor Stephen Whitworth was carried to Regina in a swarm of bees. He's been with Prairie Dog since May 1999 and will die at his keyboard before admitting his career a terrible, terrible mistake.

9 thoughts on “Love The Plan, Hate The Process”

  1. I’m pretty sure the trees weren’t killed outright… though I don’t have confirmation on that. The City spends a lot of money growing trees for use in the city that I have a hard time believing that they would be just plucked out and trashed.. I also think I heard that they had simply relocated them (which would make more sense in the end anyway).

    Again though, I don’t have a definite source… these are my assumptions.

  2. Some trees have been/will be relocated. I have a photo of one being lovingly removed a few weeks back, in fact. But there is definitely some stump action going on in that scene too. Trees have been whacked. They are now dead dead dead.

    Also, typical karma: I make fun of the City’s “paintig” typo then I type “okaym” instead of “okay”. Sigh. When will I learn? (Never.)

  3. Thanks for the clarification Stephen…

    also, typos accepted… I just wrote bears instead of beers over at R.U.E.

  4. The smaller, younger trees suitable for moving are being moved. Those which are too mature and whose attempted removal would rip up a whole lot of underground utility lines will be/have been cut down. While sorry to see the diamond willows go, I know that they were wrong for Victoria Park. Willows are waterside trees, and if not planted by water, they’ll seek it out in sewer and waterlines.
    Off-thread: why didn’t the City ban parking on 11th and institute a dedicated bus lane? Traffic would flow so much better if they had.

  5. thank you for posting! I’ve been wondering what it looks like down there. I haven’t been downtown during the day in a little while.

    I think I support the changes. even with all the drawings, it’s kind of hard to tell how it will look in the end. the goal is one I support, though, so I choose to be cautiously optimistic.

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