Lost In Regina

Why is your movie theatre out in the middle of nowhere?

I am here in Regina for an extended stay on business and last night I packed up my Scene Rewards card and headed off to see Captain America. The Internet map location for the Galaxy Cinemas seemed a bit hard to believe. Way the f**k up there? Really? You oughta have stuff like that downtown. That’s just stupid having it in the ‘burbs.

I might be bitter because I got caught up on the way home on a poorly-lit winding trail near a lake and was lost for about half an hour. Or because I left before the credits were finished (nobody told me there was an “Avengers” trailer at the end).  Twenty-nine km of crankiness aside, ya gotta build stuff like that where it’s accessible and can draw a nice crowd around a gathering place like DOWNFRIGGINGTOWN.

Perhaps tonight I will go to see something at a more centrally-located theatre. What’s nearest (walking distance) to a couple of nice pub options?

Oh and before I forget, Captain America was worth it. Good fun!

Author: Toontown Rat

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  1. The Cineplex Odeon is in the Southland Mall, in the (obviously) South end of the city. A Pub-ish bar loungey place nearby would be Bonzzini’s (across the street from the old-Walmart part of the mall). There are also the chain-commercial-ish places within a close proximity such as Boston Pizza, Montana’s, and Applebee’s.

    PS – there was totally an Avengers trailer at the end of Captain America. (See? Now you’ve been told…). However, a lot of people put a lot of time and effort info making movies, so you should probably stay for the end anyway, regardless of hidden scenes. Then – in the future – you will totally avoid missing anything potentially exciting! Just sayin’.

  2. Oh, we are all very painfully aware that our downtown needs some major work, sigh. We used to have 2 first-run theatres downtown. One is now an empty lot, the other a dollar store.

    If it were a weekend you could go see something at the RPL Film Theatre and then walk to any number of pubs afterward, but they don’t have shows on Mondays or Tuesdays.

    Other than the Galaxy and the RPL, you have three other options for movies in this city:

    1. Southland Cinemas. You could walk to Brewsters from it. (And Bonzinnis and Earls, but I’d choose Brewsters if I was looking for a decent pub.)

    2. Rainbow Cinemas. They show second-run films.

    3. Kramer IMAX Theatre. In good news, TRON: Legacy 3D is playing. In bad news, there is no Monday night show. Tuesday though! 7pm. $12.

    If you’re still around the city on Wednesday night, the Science Centre’s summer visiting exhibit “Sex: A Tell-all Exhibition” is open from 6 to 8pm and is only $12 (it’s usually $20 and includes access to the rest of the Science Centre, but Wed and Thurs nights it’s just the exhibit). It’s a neat exhibit that is aimed at teenagers and their parents, but I think it’s interesting to adults of any age. (Full disclosure: I work at the Science Centre, which of course includes the IMAX. I’m not in the habit of promoting my workplace in dog blog comments, since I come here for my own personal newsfix, but your question happened to be relevant. Cheers.)

  3. Yes, Regina does indeed suck when it comes to downtown movie theatre options. We closed and knocked down the last of the commercial theatres a decade or so ago. Apparently, we needed the parking space.

    There is one excellent movie theatre in the heart of the downtown. The only thing is, it only shows films Thursday through Sunday (plus freebie screenings most Wednesdays).

    Thank your choice of higher being that we have the Regina Public Library Film Theatre. Thanks to the excellent programming of Belinda New, it brings the very best of world cinema to downtown Regina.


    And for a drink after the show, you have some excellent options including O’Hanlon’s or the lounge at the Hotel Saskatchewan.

  4. “Perhaps tonight I will go to see something at a more centrally located house. Which theatre is nearest (walking distance) a couple of nice pub options?”

    There is only one theatre Downtown/Centrally located and that’s at the Regina Public Library on Lorne and 12th. They do not, however, show films Monday or Tuesday. There is also the Sk Filmpool on the Scarth Street Mall, you may be lucky and they’ll have an event going on tonight.

    There are two in the North West, you know the Galaxy, and even further out is Paradise Cinemas. Then you have two along South Albert Street, the Rainbow in the Golden Mile Mall and Cineplex in the Southland Mall.

    There is also an IMAX theatre along the shores of Wascana creek in the Sask. Science Centre, I’m not sure of showtimes, but a walk South from Lorne St. to Wascana drive would be nice.

    My recommendation:

    Have a look at the transit website/go to 11th Ave near the Cornwall Centre and visit the transit office and learn about bus options.

    Get some supper in the Cathedral area (13th Ave and Robinson St. is the hub but there are options along 13th). Head to Garnet St. (2 blocks east of Robinson St.) go South, after College Ave, taking Leopold Cres to Cameron St. and across the foot bridge.

    Cross Regina Ave in Lakeview, keep trucking South and West to Rae St. which will lead to 25th Ave and the Golden Mile. Now you could stop in at the Rainbow for a 9pm-ish show or continue South down Albert or Rae (jag right on 25th to get back on Rae) to the Cineplex which is at the back (South West corner) of the Southland Mall.

    Give yourself 1.5 – 2 hours to wander there.

    Pub wise, near The Rainbow Cinemas there is Skara across Albert St. along with Thomas Cooks across from the KFC.

    There are some better options in between the theatres along Albert Street; the Keg, Brewsters (very similar to the one near the Galaxy)a nearby hotel bar Johnny Foxes in the Travelodge and Earls.

    At the South end of Albert St. are Bonzzini’s Brew Pub and Boston Pizza on the North side of Gordon Rd from the massive Southland parking lot.

    Assuming you’ll see a 9pm-ish show, you can wander the South for a drink after your show and walk back to the city centre but a better option is probably taking a bus back and grabbing a drink at the Freehouse or O’Hanlons.

    Welcome to world of Regina cinema without a car.

  5. Now THAT is some Regina hospitality. Thanks people!

    I lived here for a couple years back in the late 80s, early 90s. Always enjoyed Regina. Folks like you are civic treasures!

    I see the downtown is going through a phase or eleven. Here’s hopin’ what squirts out the other side brings some good vibes.

  6. When I was a kid in 70s and 80s there were three multi-screen theatres (the Capital, Cornet and Cornwall), and two other single screen theatres (The Roxy, and one in the Regina Inn with a massive screen) downtown.

    Now, there’s only small theatre at the Library, which, granted, shows awesome indie and foreign films.

    I’ve been gone for a long time but come back often and always find it sad that most people would rather live, work, shop, and play out in the suburbs, rather than come into the downtown core. I mean it probably takes a whole ten or 15 minutes to get there from even the remotest areas of the city.

  7. It blows my mind how much better Saskatoon’s downtown is than Regina’s. In fact, every time I go to Saskatoon I discover more cool stuff that Regina doesn’t have. DAMN YOU SASKATOON!

  8. ooo i forgot all about the theatre in the regina inn! that’s where i saw “return of the jedi.” when they turned it into applause dinner theater i remember thinking “since when is dinner theater more popular than movies?”

  9. I tell ya, Saskatoon’s downtown is just positioned better than Regina’s:
    – The River is practically IN downtown, whereas the Lake isn’t. I think this was a major design flaw in our city. Imagine if Victoria avenue was where College is.
    – There is an expressway which leads you right past downtown in Saskatoon. No such thing in Regina. I think this makes a big difference.

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