Why is your movie theatre out in the middle of nowhere?

I am here in Regina for an extended stay on business and last night I packed up my Scene Rewards card and headed off to see Captain America. The Internet map location for the Galaxy Cinemas seemed a bit hard to believe. Way the f**k up there? Really? You oughta have stuff like that downtown. That’s just stupid having it in the ‘burbs.

I might be bitter because I got caught up on the way home on a poorly-lit winding trail near a lake and was lost for about half an hour. Or because I left before the credits were finished (nobody told me there was an “Avengers” trailer at the end).  Twenty-nine km of crankiness aside, ya gotta build stuff like that where it’s accessible and can draw a nice crowd around a gathering place like DOWNFRIGGINGTOWN.

Perhaps tonight I will go to see something at a more centrally-located theatre. What’s nearest (walking distance) to a couple of nice pub options?

Oh and before I forget, Captain America was worth it. Good fun!