Look At This Beautiful Bus

Isn’t that just the prettiest bus? It’s full of hippies! Christians! Cult followers! Bob Dylan fans! Anyway, these very nice people from a group called The Twelve Tribes came through and had an impromptu open house on Victoria Avenue this afternoon — what a beautiful thing that bus is. They also have a matching ship, apparently.

Author: Carle Steel

Carle Steel was a simple moisture farmer on a barren, sun-baked world who, through fate and destiny, brought the mighty Galactic Empire to its knees. She likes cats, bats, mice and you.

2 thoughts on “Look At This Beautiful Bus”

  1. Cool bus. Your cult followers bit was pretty spot on though. Twleve tribes had a commune near where I used to live, well known in teh community for some not so great stuff.

  2. My girlfriend and I spotted this bus when we were downtown. At first I thought, ‘Bob’s tour bus?’ We approached for pictures and some 60s+ guys invited us on board. It’s beautiful inside (got more pictures)! By then, we figured they were hardcore Dylan fans. They gave us a newsletter with a portrait of Bob on the front and we went on our merry way. It wasn’t until we read the newsletter that we realized, holy f! They’re not just Dylan fans, they’re crazy cultists and Bob is kind of like their Messiah! Yikes!

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