Regina improviser Jayden Pfeifer appeared on a recent episode of Stop Podcasting Yourself, a Vancouver-based comedy podcast. I say it’s about time this happened – there’s some intersection between the comedy circles of Pfeifer and SPY hosts Graham Clark and Dave Shumka, and Pfeifer is a funny dude, as evidenced by the episode. Check it out.

If you’re looking to check Pfeifer out in person, his live talk show, Red Hot Riot, is rolling into its third show a week from today, May 15, down at the Artesian. The debut impressed me, and I’m sure he’s still living up to expectations. The guest will be Amy Matysio, with music provided by Jeans Boots. Details can be found here.

A question: are any members of the local comedy community thinking of doing any podcasts? Or are they already doing one that I’m not aware of? Combat Improv, Pass the Hat, the Comedy Grind, Red Hot Riot, General Fools – any of these would seem to be chock-full of talent for a traditional conversational show or even a sketch podcast. I wouldn’t be opposed to either.

(This post is also just to celebrate that my SPY tote bag came in the mail on Friday. I’m jazzed.)