Formed in 2007, Living with Lions is a Vancouver-based punk pop band. In their nearly 10 year history, they’ve endured three line-up changes, but are still going strong.

Living With Lions achieved a bit of notoriety with their 2011 album Holy Shit, which was designed to resemble a famous book that often has the word “Holy” attached to it, including liner notes that resembled verses from said book. The subtitle “The Poo Testament” also got worked in at some point, and it was all too much for then Conservative Heritage Minister James Moore who lambasted the group for their irreverence.

Anyway, Living With Lions is in town to play a show at the SCES Club on Thursday Feb. 4. Joining them on the bill are fellow Vancouver punk act Youth Decay, along with three local punk/hard rock acts: Castaway, Almost Alien and Between Now and Then.

Doors are at 7 p.m., and tickets are $15. Here’s video of a 2013 song by the band called “In Vivid Colour”: