Living Pictutres (oKeefe)Living Pictures  is a competition the Dunlop Art Gallery’s been holding for five years now where local artists and others with a bit of creative zip are invited to recreate famous art works as living tableaux. The example pictured above is by Kristen Smith and Kat Binns, and references Georgia O’Keefe’s 1935 painting Ram’s Skull, White Hollyhocks, Little Hills. 

Living Pictures 5 goes Aug. 19 in Victoria Park. Each year, in addition to the general focus on visual art, there’s a special theme. In 2013 it was album covers (see a sample after the jump by the Go Team which riffs on a 1970 Doors’ album). This year, the theme is Character Craze which relates to famous characters from video games and animation.

The deadline for registering to enter the competition, which includes over $1000 in gift certificates as prizes for winners in several different categories, including Fan Favourite, is Aug. 15. More information can be found by visiting the Dunlop’s website or calling 306-777-6044.

Living Pictures(Doors)