Living Pictures I (Haynes_Coraline)The fourth annual¬†Living Pictures¬†competition is set to go Aug. 20 in Victoria Park. It’s hosted by the Dunlop Art Gallery, and it’s open to individuals and groups (children, young adults and adults) who recreate famous art works as living tableaux. Over $1200 in prizes are at stake in five categories, and the event is always a lot of fun as people typically really get into the spirit of things. Pictured above is an entry from last year by Allegra and Sierra Haynes that riffed on the 2009 animated horror/fantasy flick Coraline.

The registration deadline for Living Pictures 4 is Aug. 8, and the special theme this year is album covers. Pre-1980 and Post-1980 are two of the categories, so that should prove interesting. There’s also a classic art category for people who want to focus on a painting, sculpture or other art work. Registration information can be obtained by contacting Wendy Peart at the Dunlop at 306-777-6044 or

Anybody have any thoughts on an album cover they’d like to recreate as a living tableau?