More On The Transit Tiff In Downtown Regina

Bus StopHere’s a picture of the new bus stop on 11th Ave. that was installed as part of the transit revamp on July 21 that’s┬áraised the hackles of some Regina merchants.

Seems pretty innocuous to me. But as a person who both lives and works downtown what do I know?

The comments section in the linked CBC article is worth a read too for the truths it reveals about the reality of providing and using public transit in Regina in the year 2013.

Author: Gregory Beatty

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9 thoughts on “More On The Transit Tiff In Downtown Regina”

  1. This is why they should have banned parking between Albert and Broad from the getgo.

  2. Right, because it’s not possible to go to a RESTAURANT like Beer Brothers, have a meal and one drink and then go home. Obviously every person who ever goes in to a licensed establishment walks out drunk.

  3. “Some merchants also expressed concern that the City Hall Mall would become a warm-up spot for people in the winter.”

    Perish the thought, people inside City Hall Mall. Warming up. We can’t have that. They might buy something.

  4. Beer Brothers, which I like, has not only a restaurant but also a bar. Not every customer orders food, or has only one drink.

  5. Maybe all resturanteurs ,should respect the SK. Provincial law & provide your workers with a cab ride home ,if they have to work past the scheduled , public transit times for your community “., & inc holidays, when there is still zero CoR public Transit.

    Basing a City that expects to be 1/2 residents in 20 years, still accepts that the city admin be run like it was 1977, all over again… NO foresight need be applied,
    NO, repercussion if “some” business, circumvent, the Provincial, rules. Take away a business license? perish the thought, #worker’s rights. ( are only enforced if you are involved with GofS )… Yer fired, I can find a new ,employee tomorrow.All is good.

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