Live Cinema Season

Later today, there’s a screening of Richard Wagner’s 1843 opera The Flying Dutchman as performed at London’s Royal Opera House. The story itself is based on an old nautical legend about a ghost ship condemned to sail the seas forever, the sight of which was supposed to portend doom for any ship who crossed paths with her.

Wagner is reputed to have been inspired to write the opera after enduring a harrowing sea journey from Riga (Latvia) to London with his wife in 1839. The opera is generally regarded as a turning point for Wagner in his move toward more fully realized dramatic narratives in his compositions.

The screening is at Central Library Theatre at 2 p.m. Tickets are Adults $15, Seniors $12, Students $10. 

Here’s a short interview with bass-baritone Bryn Terfel on his role in the production

Author: Gregory Beatty

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