Don’t feel like calling in sick tomorrow because you are green to the gills? Here is an alternative way to spend your evening without all that fun St. Paddy’s unhealthiness:

Canada 300 is an ambitious travelling theatre project that questions what Canada will be like 150 years from now through nine short plays and audience dialogue. Regina is the halfway point of twenty locations, as it travels from the West including Yukon and NWT, and goes east to Charlottetown where it was conceived. The audience chooses six of the nine plays and one of the official languages. Last night’s performance was by invite only but tonight’s is open to the public. It really was a multicultural event.

The plays were written by acclaimed playwrights and performed by accomplished actors. If you are familiar with Canadian theatre you will recognize some of the names. The concept is to open up dialogue among Canadians as to where we were in the last 150 years and where we are going in the next 150 years. The twenty national performances will culminate in a final dialogue in Charlottetown with 150 participants invited from across the country.

My doom and gloom prophesies that we won’t have an earth to live on in 150 years was largely ignored by a bright beautiful future where water is still drinkable and everyone holds hands and sings Kumbaya. (I don’t think I will be invited to Charlottetown.) I exaggerate so go check it out for yourself. Canada 300 plays at The Artesian tonight at 6:30 pm. The cost is free.