I promised in this week’s cover story that I’d be posting excerpts from the full interview on the Dog Blog, and here we are. I’ll be trying to post one of these every weekday or so leading up to the band’s show next Saturday at the Exchange.

The interview as a whole was super candid, and there was a ton of interesting stuff that I wasn’t able to touch on in print, and hopefully I’ll be able to get the most interesting parts up on this blog over the course of the next week.

In today’s excerpt the band talks about what life at home is like now that their touring schedule is completely off the chain. Hit the jump if you want to read it.

I was going to ask you guys about touring considering how relentless your schedule is.

Mike Dawson: Now two of us are homeless.

Carl Johnson: Yeah, we’re both homeless. Or I will be after next week, I guess.

And now your home is basically the road. Given how much time you’re spending on the road nowadays, what’s it like coming back to Regina?

MD: It’s always nice to be home because it is home. It’s certainly trying cause you have this very small window where you’re trying to put your life back in order for every time you come home, spend time with different people – I had to give up my place starting on the first of September, so I’m currently homeless, bouncing around, and I guess Carl’s in the same boat now. It’s a matter of the reality of life. I had to choose, from the last little bit of money in my savings, paying student loans versus paying rent.

Brennan Ross: About half the band has significant others and shit to come home to, and half the band doesn’t [laughs]. So when we’re pulling into Regina, Eoin’s in the backseat organizing coming to O’Hanlon’s, and half the band’s joining him and half of them going, y’know, home. It’s always bittersweet to come home.

MD: And that’s whether we’ve been gone for two days or three months. That kind of thing happens every time we roll into the city.

Have you ever considered getting a massive hippie house that you guys could stay in but has other people who can kind of keep it in order while you’re gone? A Brian Jonestown Massacre kind of thing?

MD: That’s sort of been our existence, even pre-dating the band. Up until last week, Amanda and I were roommates. Carl lived with Eoin. [Mike] Thieven lived with Brennan.

BR: We all live within like a block of each other.

CJ: Three blocks.

MD: We all live within three blocks, fifteen houses from each other, and before that we all lived with each other in different configurations, and so – it gets tricky when your friends are also your roommates who are in your band, so it’s tough to pawn some bills off on someone else when they’re in the same boat as you.

But that makes you better people.

CJ: Debatable.

Tune in next week for more!