1 HOW BAD IS THE HOUSING CRISIS IN ATTAWAPISKAT? Charlie Angus, former songwriter/guitarist for the Grievious Angels and now NDP MP for a northern Ontario riding, gives us an idea through story (Huffington Post Canada) and video.

2 THE WAY FOX NEWS IS TALKING, YOU’D THINK AL QAEDA HAD WON Every Butterball turkey in the U.S. has been sacrificed according to Sharia law! (Bob Cecsa) Too bad rednecks like that don’t understand that the ritual for butchering animals for halal meat is almost the same as the one for kosher meat.

3 IT WAS TOO MUCH OF A HASSLE ANyWAY AND WHEN WE RUN THE SHOW IT JUST GETS IN THE WAY The Fraser Institute thinks democracy is a waste of time. (Globe and Mail, The Sixth Estate)

4 THE MORE THINGS CHANGE A U.S. journalist covering the latest Egyptian uprising says she was sexually assaulted by Egyptian security forces while in detention. (The Guardian)

5 WELL, WHO KNOWS ANYMORE? Is a Blackberry Playbook actually worth $200? (Moneyville)

6 WHAT’S BREAKING THE LAW IN THE UNITED STATES TODAY? Lesbians caught on a kiss-cam during a baseball game, (Politics USA) being old, black, hard of hearing and bicycling –- that’s worth a tasering and a death sentence (Boing Boing) — and a family running its own water purification system because that will inevitably lead to meth production. (BoingBoing)

YOUR MUSICAL MOMENT OF ZEN For no other reason than I like the song, here’s Stan Ridgway (no relation to Dave) with “Drive, She Said”.