Last Friday, an event went up on Facebook for a German Club benefit. Why a benefit? Apparently, they got robbed.

Bryce Van Loosen, a member of the German Club’s Board of Directors, confirms as much. I called him earlier today, and he says they lost close to $3,000 in cash. And that’s not counting the cost of fixing the damage of the mid-January break-in.

They’ve made the building more secure since then, but that doesn’t get back the money they’ve already lost, nor what they lost from an earlier, similar break-in. As bartender Amy Dakue put it in a Facebook message to me, “As we are nonprofit, we don’t have a lot of beans to pass around.”

So that’s why they need a benefit. It’s happening this Saturday, February 23 and door is $10. You’ll get to see the Lonesome Weekends, the Slim City Pickers and DJ Verbal. Best of all, you get to help out a unique piece of Regina’s drinking establishment tapestry.

Over the next few days, I’ll be posting people’s favourite memories of the German Club. Check back.