11 thoughts on “Late Foliage Report: Sunday, May 10”

  1. Speaking of green, did anyone listen to Elizabeth May’s drunken rant on C.B.C. from the week-end. WOW. I still don’t know what she was trying to say. Pretty disgraceful for a party leader.

  2. The small bit I heard on CBC made me squirm. Might skip this one. If I do listen to it I’ll share an opinion.

  3. Never, ever drink when you are (1) travel-weary, (2) getting over the flu, (3) possibly medicated to cope with symptoms of (2). Good for Lisa Raitt for gently getting her offstage.

  4. Oh, and OT, but why is it that your posted videos sometimes migrate to posts other than their original spots? It’s very weird.

  5. Regina sure has a big rabbit population. Ever get a pic of them with the trees?

    Elizabeth May forgets this is an election year. Her rambling speech could be used against her or the Green Party in negative ads.

    Just like former Mayor Rob Ford, it’s never good to be recorded in a drunken stupor.

  6. FYI, indy and MB, if you’ve had a couple of drinks, even with a meal, while also taking antihistamines or other medication, they can knock you on your ass. I hold no brief for Ms. May, but I’m willing to give her the benefit of the doubt. Yes, she’s damaged her credibility and put her judgement into question, but this was a really out-of-character incident; she’s apologized, and I’ll bet we never see it happen again. With Rob Ford, it happened time and time again.

  7. @Barb re: wandering videos. Dunno. I’ve seen it once or twice; it’s annoying. Try refreshing your browser when that happens. Meanwhile, I’ll find a goat to sacrifice to the WordPress gods.

  8. Agreed Barb. I know Elizabeth May doesn’t have a drinking problem. it was 1X blooper for her. I was only comparing how bad it can get when caught on camera vs. Rob Ford’s own personal journey with addictions to both drugs and alcohol and all the media attention it got.

  9. Who knew May had such strong feelings towards the Nation of Islam?

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