Wondering why there was no city hall preview last week? I was in Deadmonton (or, better: Stabmonton) visiting family, that’s why. Miss me? Well……. I missed you.

Anyway, for those who care and didn’t read about it already in the Leader Post, here’s a rundown of what I missed….

Monday, May 3
MUNICIPAL HERITAGE ADVISORY COMMITTEE (12:15 pm): This might have been fun to go to. Looks like Municipal Heritage had a gander at the implementation plans for the WOW project.

Tuesday, May 4
FINANCE AND ADMINISTRATION COMMITTEE (4 pm): Voted to recommend extending the contract with the Regina Work CafĂ© Co-operative Ltd which runs the city hall cafeteria. The committee also considered reports on the civic workers’ benefit plan and long-term disability plan for 2009. Those’ll be forwarded to council.

Wednesday, May 5
EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE (11:45 am): Considering some special event funding for this year. The committee voted to provide $5,950 to the Mounted Police Hertiage Centre to support the 125th anniversary of the Depot Division. It then voted to extend $3,500 in funding for Regina JazzFest 2010 and to consider increasing that funding by $50,000 in the 2011 budget process.

Thursday, May 6
ENVIRONMENT ADVISORY COMMITTEE (5 pm): Looked at a report about the pesticide-free parks council established a couple weeks ago and went over their 2010 work plan.

So there you have it, the week that was. If you want to read details of any of the reports you missed or check the agendas to see what I left off mentioning, you can scour the city’s website.