Lady Gaga Was Born A Motorbike

Lady Gaga tweeted the cover for her next album, Born This Way, on Saturday. It’s awesome, as you can see to your left. It does everything right. There is no way to improve that album cover. If they’re considering any more Beatles reissues in the future, they could do far worse than taking some cues from Gaga.

For whatever reason, then, this thing’s started a meme where folks Photoshop the faces of lady performers onto various vehicles and other inanimate objects. Check out more of that here – although what can really approach Gaga’s masterpiece.

But, there is the chance that this won’t be gracing the shelves of HMV in the near future. Not everything said on Twitter is set in stone. This could be a hoax of some kind. Maybe this isn’t the cover for a major-label release from a prominent artist.

To that end, I found the following theory on the Wikipedia Talk page for the album:

Just to note, there is debate as to whether this is the final cover art. Internet speculation about the Judas events (Judas betraying Jesus 4 days before Easter, and Judas being leaked 4 days before Easter) are leading people to think that this could be a performance art, and the real cover art will be released on Tuesday as a sort of “resurrection”.

It’s all starting to come together.

Author: James Brotheridge

Contributing Editor with Prairie Dog.

7 thoughts on “Lady Gaga Was Born A Motorbike”

  1. Gahd, James, that’s a horrible piece of art vomit, not art work. I am so done with Lady Gaga and her endless, desperate attempts to seem smarter and edgier than she is. She needs to go to bed. GO TO BED, LADY GAGA.

  2. What in the Nightmare on Elm St. 5 hell is this?

    Best laugh I’ve had all week though.

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