Ladies + Local Music

The Raincoats
The Raincoats

Just want to steer your attention to my current Sound Check column where I bemoan the dearth of ladies in rock / alt / weird /indie / underground bands here in YQR and…everywhere else. There’s a healthy comment thread growing that you might wanna read or contribute to, too!

  • Read the column!
  • Fun, related content: ALIEN SHE, a touring exhibition about riot girl, curated by Astria Suparak and Ceci Moss
  • Fun, related content: Venus Radio, an excellent Montreal-based lady-led and focused music radio show you can listen to on-line
  • Fun, related content: Gender Talk, a local spoken word show about gender over on CJTR 91.3FM or
  • Fun, related content: Rock Camp for Girls Montreal / Ottawa / Peterborough / Toronto / Vancouver

Author: Amber Goodwyn

Amber Goodwyn is a Montrealer freshly moved to the prairies where she's found a home in journalism at Prairie Dog Magazine. A jack-of-all-trades, she hopes to master some (hell, any) of the following before she expires: writing, music making, filmmaking, DJing, Werewolves.