Phoenix is a popular winter getaway destination for Reginans with the means to be able to afford a winter getaway. Sunday night, an indie rock band composed of four Phoenicians will return the favour by visiting Regina to play a show. The Phoenicians in question are the brothers Dylan, Danny, Jesse and Johnny Kongos.

The family has roots in South Africa where their father (John) attracted some attention as a singer-songwriter. The band has two albums to its credit, a self-titled effort in 2007 and a second CD called Lunatic¬†which was released in North America in 2013. And lately, Kongos have been attracting a fair bit of attention of their own. On the strength of their hit song “Come With Me Now”, they recently signed with Epic Records and are on a cross-Canada tour. They’ve also performed on TV shows hosted by Jimmy Kimmel and Seth Myers, and will be touring with Kings of Leon later this summer.

The concert goes Sunday night at the Exchange. The back-up band is¬†Blondfire from Los Angeles, and tickets are $24. To give you a taste of what to expect here’s the video for “Come With Me Now”: