Kitties And Books

I’ve occasionally thought, “If my prairie dog editor Stephen Whitworth was no longer my prairie dog editor, what would he get up to?” Mostly, thoughts like that come up as I dream of the inevitable bloody coup where Greg “G-Beat” Beatty swoops into the hot seat. Hopefully, he’ll recognize my loyalty to his rule and award me an appropriate position.

Assuming he doesn’t go the way of a Gaddafi or a Hussein, I may have found a second career for Stephen: bookstore owner. Might not seem like the time for someone to open a bookstore, but this post, which I found via Quill and Quire, points to a big bonus that might sway him: you can have kitties and lizards around!

In Regina, I’ve never spotted any cats roaming around Buy the Book or Centennial Books. It’s something I’ve noticed when I’ve visited my mom in Montreal and it’s always delightful. Who wouldn’t like a furry something brushing up against your leg? (As long as that furry something is a cat, that is.)

Further proof of how delightful this is, from the NYU Local post:

Cats are known for being picky, and this one is no exception. Hampton prefers “the travel section,” located near the store’s old-fashioned cash register.

“Especially China and India.”

As soon as he reads this, I expect Stephen will immediately start looking at property wherever rightfully-deposed leaders go.

Author: James Brotheridge

Contributing Editor with Prairie Dog.

4 thoughts on “Kitties And Books”

  1. I’m on to you Brotheridge. What you’re really trying to do is sew seeds of dissension between Steve and I. Then while we’re battling it out you’ll sweep in and destroy us both to satisfy you’re insatiable lust to edit prairie dog.

  2. If he can edit “sow” for “sew”, “me” for “I”, and “your” for “you’re”, he just might have a chance.

  3. After being ousted in that coup, I think Stephen W. would prefer to have prairie dogs around the bookstore … and lots and lots of hungry snakes.

  4. So I have a choice between earning incalculable riches in the Regina alternative media and building unimaginable wealth owning a bookstore. You really like me, don’t you Brotheridge?

    P.S. Greg, you’ve been pwned!

    P.P.S. I don’t think I could bring myself to feed prairie dogs to snakes.

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