Kent Austin To Take The Helm In Hamilton?

TSN is reporting that later today the Hamilton Tiger Cats will announce the signing of Kent Austin (pictured) to the dual role of General Manager and Head Coach.

Austin, of course, holds a special place in the hearts of Saskatchewan Roughrider fans. In 1989, he was the winning QB in the team’s 43-40 Grey Cup victory over the Tiger Cats. Then in 2007, during his lone season as head coach of the Green & White, he helped fashion a storybook season in which the team claimed their third Grey Cup championship with a 23-19 win over the Winnipeg Blue Bombers.

After 2007 Austin left Saskatchewan to become offensive coordinator at his alma mater of Ole Miss. From there, he moved to Cornell University as head coach. Now, he seems set to return to the CFL.

Author: Gregory Beatty

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4 thoughts on “Kent Austin To Take The Helm In Hamilton?”

  1. Thing is, we have a coach. Plus to be coach in Regina, you have to live here, and that may not be all that desirable to him right now.

  2. I’m very mixed about Kent Austin. As a fan, I was happy and held him in high regards when he helped the R/R win 2007 Grey Cup. I was both disappointed and disgusted when he left after one season under an existing very lucrative R/R contract. He should have honoured his contract term with the R/R. No disrespect to Ken Miller, but I’m certain we would have won another grey cup under Kent’s leadership.
    Good luck to Hamilton. Hopefully Kent will stick around with them for more than 1 season.

  3. #2 firing coaches & paying them well to be well paid footbal fans is nothing new for the SKR mgmt. The guy wants to take on another challenge in his life…let him at it. Oskiweeweeoski whaawhaa Sask.

    This 2013 season will be paid for by the Rrs to get the team into the GC game.

  4. I haven’t seen the Riders making Blue Jays-style trades this off-season. What’s the plan to elevate our mediocre team into the CFL final next year?

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