Music fans worldwide will be tuned to their TVs and computers tonight as one of the reigning princesses of pop takes the stage at sold-out University of Phoenix Stadium to perform a three or four song set. It’s not a long concert, granted, but with the eyes of the world on her you can bet Katy will bring her A game.

For two months now, a Pepsi-sponsored video has been touting the show on YouTube. It opens with a pinkish-red biped with a furry head exiting a Close Encounters style spaceship. As the alien walks toward the camera it reaches up and lifts off its head. Guess who’s underneath? That’s right, Katy Perry!

You can watch the video below. The premise is that Katy’s at a big warehouse where she’s testing out ideas for special effects she’ll use during the show.  My favourite was the unicorn, so I’m excited to see if it made the cut, or if Katy opted to go with the 1000 white kittens idea instead.

Wherever you’re reading this post in the world, you’ll want to check your local listings for the time of Katy’s performance. In Regina, it should be around 7 p.m.

And if you know any sports fans, everyone, tell them they should watch with you as apparently both before and after Katy’s sure-to-be-AWESOME concert two football squads are going to play some sort of Super match. The Seattle Seahawks won the one they had last year. This year, they’re back to defend their Super trophy against the New England Patriots.