Regina Pro-Life sent us a fax today announcing their upcoming “5th Annual March For Forced Pregnancy (um) Pushing Our Deranged Superstitions On Everyone (er) Gettin’ Back At Alla Them Uppity Bitchez (I mean) Life”. The fun starts on Thursday at 1:00 at the Leg.

The purpose of this fetus festival? “The March is a protest against unborn baby killing (abortions) in the province.”

Also: “The victims will be on display.”


As readers know, prairie dog has the highest opinion of pompous moralizing dipshits amateur philosophers whose big “cause” is telling women they have to carry pregnancies to term (also, no birth control, no premarital sex and NO HOMO STUFF!). But while we could ignore them (or dismiss them as tragic freaks who need help but refuse to get it), alas, it’s clear these uterus-obsessers have a smidgeon of actual political power and are eager to use it.

And sure, maybe they haven’t had much success in Canada (yet), but give ’em an inch and they’ll give you an ultrasound wand up your hoohoo (medical term). Just look at the U.S., where anti-abortion zealots have got laws passed restricting access to abortion and forcing women who want (or need) to terminate a pregnancy to have creepy counselling sessions and ultrasound equipment rammed up their yes-Virginias (another medical term).

So fuck ’em.

Now please enjoy this comedic video about women’s rights, U.S. Republicans and vaginas.