If my mom gave up the Internet, it wouldn’t be a huge deal. She really doesn’t use it for much more than googling her kids’ names to see if any of us are famous yet (nope, not yet), or to look up “the name of that guy from the thing”. My mom is awesome that way– she’s not caught in the Net like so many dolphins.

However for cartoonist James Sturm, who quit the Internet four weeks ago, the online world figures into most of what he does. Giving it up would mean a huge change in the way he does things, wouldn’t it?

Sturm has been chronicling the process through a series of online posts on Slate (presumably he submits the posts via post). It’s an interesting read (complete with drawings and cartoons, of course), and it makes me want to start hand-writing letters again.

Which I would totally do if only I had the time.