“Just Go Get Changed!”

The interview between Carol Off of CBC’s As It Happens and new Toronto mayor Rob Ford is reaching near legendary status. For those who don’t want to bother listening to audio of an extremely distracted man trying to coach football and answer questions on his politics at the same time, the Torontoist blog has typed a transcript. A sample:

Rob Ford: Yeah, it’s just people are sick and tired of the wasteful spending. People are sick and tired of wasteful spending, that’s the bottom line, that’s what it comes down.

Carol Off: Well there—

Rob Ford: You know, I’m the only one that can go down there [Inaudible, then, yelling:] Just go get changed! Go! Out! And get changed! Don’t worry about the water right now. [Pause.] Sorry.

Author: James Brotheridge

Contributing Editor with Prairie Dog.

5 thoughts on ““Just Go Get Changed!””

  1. I hate As It Happens. They’ve needed a full body makeover since 1997. SUCH a cute, cute little show. As for Toronto blogs, I prefer Toronto Mike.

  2. Rob blew off the CBC on purpose, to put them in their place. I kind of admire that. I don’t believe they’re “elitist” and left-wing like Conservatives and Rob Ford do, but I do think they have a serious beau-monde attitude problem.

    As for Ford, his biggest problem, reading the G&M story today, will be his clingy family and patronage favours. He’ll be embroiled in political patronage scandal w/n 2 years.

  3. This was really quite rude and disrespectful of Ford. Not the best way to act just shortly after winning the elections. True, nobody should multitask while giving an interview. The result usually sucks in such cases and this is a good example of that.

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