Joy Walker (Art)I saw something when I was out for a walk tonight on 19 block Broad Street that I didn’t know what to make of (photo after the jump), and I also saw something where I did know what was up. That’s it pictured above. It’s an art work that’s been installed at Central Library by Toronto artist Joy Walker as part of the exhibition Who’s Afraid of Purple, Orange, and Green? that opens at the Dunlop Art Gallery on April 25. 

I’ll have more on that exhibition in an April 25 blog post. But the focus is abstract art that’s being done today that adheres to a lot of the aesthetic principles of formalism but doesn’t have the same hang-ups related to the mostly macho males who dominated when the style was en vogue.

Scale, line and colour are some of the modernist principles Walker is playing with. And I gotta say, I like what the Dunlop’s been doing lately with the installation of public art works on the east windows of Central Library. It’s much appreciated by a lot of people, I’m sure.

Joy Walker (Food)