Based out of San Francisco, Journey has been around in one form or another (outside of a hiatus from 1987-95) since 1973. Over the years, 21 different musicians have recorded and toured with the band.

Lead guitarist Neal Schon and bassist Ross Valory are the only two original members still with the band. Outside of Schon, the most recognizable member of Journey during their heyday from 1977-85 was vocalist Steve Perry. But he left the band in 1999.

Journey never really was on my radar much, although I do recall the band being a favourite of some people I hung around with in university. But the band’s profile was boosted in 2005 when their mega-hit “Don’t Stop Believin” became the theme song of the Chicago White Sox during their playoff run to the team’s first World Series title since 1917.

On Tuesday, July 21 Journey is in town to play an arena show at Brandt Centre. The first note should drop around 7:30 p.m., and tickets are $62-$116.  For a blast from the past, here’s footage from 1979 of the band performing another big hit “Lovin’, Touchin’, Squeezin'”