Jon Sasaki: Good Intentions

I did have a pick of the day scheduled for today, but then the event ended up being cancelled, so I’ll mention instead an opening reception that the Dunlop Art Gallery is hosting on Friday, Feb. 1 for the exhibition Good Intentions by Toronto artist Jon Sasaki. If you drop by Neutral Ground from time to time you might remember a show called Cabin Fever  that was held there in December 2011. It explored the psychology of boredom and involved artists doing different things that, on the surface, seemed repetitive and inconsequential. But really, their actions weren’t any more mundane than a lot of things we do in broader society to while away the time like endlessly watching TV or playing video games.

Jon Sasaki was one of the artists in that show. In this solo exhibition we have an opportunity to see more of his work, which typically deals with notions of futility, determination, frustration and pathos. Following the Feb. 1 opening, Good Intentions  will be on at the Dunlop Gallery until March 31. To give you a bit of insight into his work, here’s a short TV interview that Sasaki did when he had a show in Lethbridge last year.

Author: Gregory Beatty

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