Canadian punk legend Joe Keithley, a.k.a. Joey Shithead, made an announcement earlier today on his Twitter account: “I will play acoustically at Occupy Regina about 5:30 PM Friday Oct. 28th @ Victoria Park Up with the 99% The 1% should pay their fair share”.

Right. On. Keithley’s a rad guy, so it isn’t a huge surprise that he’ll be doing this before D.O.A.’s set at the Riddell Centre Multi-Purpose Room later that night. It’s great to hear nonetheless.

This development shouldn’t be a surprise if you read Stephen LaRose’s great preview of D.O.A. in the most recent issue of the prairie dog. In it, LaRose and Keithley chat about when D.O.A. toured through Regina way back in the day among other things. Funny stuff.

LaRose also drops some context for Keithley’s very outspoken politics:

This guy walked it liked he talked it — campaigning against the greed and sloth that was Vancouver’s Expo 86, confronting racists and boors, challenging the authority of right-wing politicians everywhere he and his band members went. With a few tattoos, linebacker-sized muscles and a head full of righteousness, Shithead could rip off my head and shit down my neck and not give it a second thought.

You’ve got two opportunities to see the Shithead himself. No excuses, Regina.