Luck was on Joel Plaskett’s side on the opening night of the 2014 Regina Folk Festival last August. Shortly after he finished his Friday night set, a wild storm blew up, forcing the cancellation of the two remaining acts on the program.

Weather won’t be a problem when Plaskett and his band return to Regina on Friday May 15 to play a show as part of the Regina Folk Festival’s concert series. That’s because the gig is at Darke Hall.

Plaskett is touring in support of a new album titled The Park Avenue Sobriety Test. The album was released on St. Patrick’s Day. Here’s how Plaskett described the album in an advance press release:

The album is about a 39-year old wrestling with his place on earth and society, navigating it.  It sounds banal, and it kind of is, but it’s important to me.  And maybe if you’re at the same point in your life that I am, it will make sense. As you get more experiences as an adult, you start notching up the lost friends, and the missed opportunities, and the way things could or couldn’t have gone.  You can choose to crumble or retreat, temporarily or permanently.  Or you power through it and look for the joy. I think I try to strike the balance of the two perspectives here, I really can feel both of those at certain times, and even the same time. 

Again, the RFF concert goes at Darke Hall on Friday at 8 p.m. Tickets are $25 advance, and $30 at the door. You can find out more information on the RFF website. To close, here’s video of Plaskett performing the title track off his new album at a songwriters’ circle in Halifax last year: