Jim Daley Returns to CFL

Yesterday, the Hamilton Tiger Cats announced the signing of long-time CFL retread Jim Daley (pictured) as their special teams co-ordinator. Daley held the same position with the Riders in 2010.

Special teams that year, if you recall, were absolutely HORRENDOUS. At least once a game there was a huge blunder, be it a kick return for a touchdown, a fake punt by the opposition that worked to perfection, negligible yardage on punt and kick-off returns, a plethora of penalties that inevitably left the Riders in poor field position, etc.

For me, though, the two highlights were the time the Riders opted to punt for a single late in the game against Calgary instead of trying a 37-yard field to break a tie (yeah, they won in OT, but it was a bone-head call). The other highlight was the blocked field goal against the Stamps that destroyed Luca Congi’s knee and possibly ended his career.

Here’s a link to the TSN report on the signing, which is a real head-scratcher by the Tiger Cats after all the positive moves they’d made in the off-season.

Author: Gregory Beatty

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4 thoughts on “Jim Daley Returns to CFL”

  1. Hi, Greg.
    The decision to punt rather than kick the field goal was made by Ken Miller, the head coach.
    Damn — I mean: Cheers, Agent M

  2. Blaming the Luca Congi injury on the special teams co-ordinator is a stretch, to put it mildly.

  3. I believe Daley had input into the punt decision. Here’s how Global BC described it:

    The Roughriders appeared to second-guess themselves on the play, though. Congi was on the field to attempt the field goal before Calgary called a timeout. Saskatchewan’s coaches then reconsidered and sent out the punt team.

    As for Congi’s injury, that was attributable to the kick being blocked. I’m not sure how many blocked kicks the Riders had against them in 2010. I do recall another field goal being blocked in a game at home against Toronto where the Argos also successfully executed two fake punts.

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