Better than expected, not sure about the legibility of the team name in the third logo and the shading on the maple leaf is a little busy. Looks very, very promising on the merch, though. It’s also basically red, white and blue, which is good since that’s the old colours and I didn’t expect the owners to go with them. That’s a good gesture. It’s also pretty military, but that’s probably inherent to the brand, if it’s to be developed properly. Pacifist-hippy Whitworth will cope. And it feels more British than American — which seems right for the team’s Winnipeg Tory-blue fan-base. As long as the team’s more Duff Roblin than Stephen Harper, it’s all fine by me.

RATING: I give it 4/5 dogs 3.5/5 dogs.

UPDATE THE SECONDE: The story in the Winnipeg Free Press, on CBC and on TSN.

UPDATE THE THIRD: It’s Saturday afternoon and the cluttered centre of the circle logo is bugging me. I’m lowering the score. Also, LaRose is right: why the heck did they use a CF-18? Go with a classic jet if you’re going retro. Avro Arrow, anyone? The designs still get a passing grade because I like the colours and I like a lot of the thought behind the design. It’s too pro-military, though. It can be a little pro-military, that makes sense (and might be inherent, anyway), but this goes too far. Too political and not quite historical enough.

So it’s basically a B grade instead of an A-.