UPDATED A THIRD TIME: Behold The New Winnipeg Jets Logos


Better than expected, not sure about the legibility of the team name in the third logo and the shading on the maple leaf is a little busy. Looks very, very promising on the merch, though. It’s also basically red, white and blue, which is good since that’s the old colours and I didn’t expect the owners to go with them. That’s a good gesture. It’s also pretty military, but that’s probably inherent to the brand, if it’s to be developed properly. Pacifist-hippy Whitworth will cope. And it feels more British than American — which seems right for the team’s Winnipeg Tory-blue fan-base. As long as the team’s more Duff Roblin than Stephen Harper, it’s all fine by me.

RATING: I give it 4/5 dogs 3.5/5 dogs.

UPDATE THE SECONDE: The story in the Winnipeg Free Press, on CBC and on TSN.

UPDATE THE THIRD: It’s Saturday afternoon and the cluttered centre of the circle logo is bugging me. I’m lowering the score. Also, LaRose is right: why the heck did they use a CF-18? Go with a classic jet if you’re going retro. Avro Arrow, anyone? The designs still get a passing grade because I like the colours and I like a lot of the thought behind the design. It’s too pro-military, though. It can be a little pro-military, that makes sense (and might be inherent, anyway), but this goes too far. Too political and not quite historical enough.

So it’s basically a B grade instead of an A-.

Author: Stephen Whitworth

Prairie Dog editor Stephen Whitworth was carried to Regina in a swarm of bees. He's been with Prairie Dog since May 1999 and will die at his keyboard before admitting his career a terrible, terrible mistake.

11 thoughts on “UPDATED A THIRD TIME: Behold The New Winnipeg Jets Logos”

  1. Pacifist-hippy to pacifist-hippy: Don’t cope. It’s military and looks like a suck-up to Lizard in a Wig. Demilitarize sports!

  2. It doesn’t thrill me, but I can live with it.

    Now, if only all the old Jets logos and those mangy old jerseys would spontaneously self-combust so that I didn’t have to look at them any more.

  3. I didn’t realize that the Maple leaf, has a pointy ended stem. Too many medicinal fatties I guess.
    Ugly overt military symbolism, with the added bonus of a US made aircraft added on. Another red white and blue team. Well at least all the cool old school jerseys will match at the rink yea.

    Yer right on #3.

    In my yard, the dog pissed on this logo 5/5 times.

  4. It’s nice, but definitely militaristic; Winnipeg’s attempt at becoming “Canada’s Team” in the Era of Stephen Harper? I’m sure Harper himself, though never having served in the armed forces himself, is reconsidering his allegiance to the Maple Leafs. “Laureen, something inside my just moved.”

  5. Well, it can’t be described as fun. It’s all business.

    I’m wondering if in two months time, we’ll be saying, “who the hell are these people?”

    Now, the real Jets were fun. Maybe I’ll just call these guys, the GI Jets, and salute every time I see them. “Yes, sir. Love the logo, sir.” “Go GI Jets Go. Sir.”

    That’ll be me, saluting the GI Jets.

  6. I am having a hard time picturing that looking any good on the front of a jersey.
    The shoulder patch looks better than the main logo!
    To me this looks like “Blue Jackets North”, but maybe a little better. The Jackets have the “For Those About To Rock” thirds though, which is pretty awesome.

  7. At Least you got to keep the name the Jets, in Minnesota we lost our Northstars and got stuck with the name Wild.

  8. TD: I’m angry on your behalf. That was ridiculous.

    Anonymous: If you’re a regular reader you might know that my OTHER favourite team is the Blue Jackets. So I guess I’m okay with that?

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