Vanda just posted a link to her interview with the man, and Greg made Jian Ghomeshi’s reading a Pick of the Day (Tomorrow Edition) yesterday. (That’s creeping up on Looper levels of blog complexity.) Let me post one more thing on Ghomeshi.

On the occasion of Prairie Dog‘s 20th anniversary, I’ve been going through old issues. It’s not as dusty a task as I thought it was going to be. In one dating back to October 1993, I found a profile of Ghomeshi’s old band, Moxy Früvous, with the above picture. Sharp-eyed readers will notice the photo caption, where he’s listed as “Jean” instead of “Jian”.

My first thought was that we fucked up. A trade secret: that wouldn’t be the first time that kind of thing up. But no! It turns out, he was known as Jean for some of the time with the band. History!

(Speaking of our 20th anniversary, think about giving us some love, both financial and emotional, by buying a message in our birthday issue.)