Jane’s Walk Regina

No pick of the day today. Instead, here’s a heads up about an event that’s happening this weekend in Regina. We’ve posted on Jane’s Walk before. Named after urban theorist Jane Jacobs, it’s an opportunity for people in dozens of cities around the world to go on walking tours of select neighbourhoods to learn about their unique heritage and culture.

Jane’s Walk Regina goes May 3-4. It’s being presented by Regina Urban Ecology and several community partners. For more details visit this website. And to give you an idea of what’s on offer, here’s some of the walks that are being presented:

Professor Marc Spooner leads a discussion about homelessness in Regina’s downtown and Heritage neighbourhoods. Jan Morier and Jessica Hannah provide a view of community murals created by new and established artists throughout North Central. Martin Gourlie leads a discussion about the opportunities and challenges inherent in one of Regina’s biggest development projects, the Regina Revitalization Initiative. An exploration and celebration of the Central Library by a collection of dedicated patrons including heritage architect Bernard Flaman, and writer and activist Florence Stratton. Bike Regina hosts a ride through the downtown to discuss bikability in the city. Story-teller Vincent Murphy exploring the history of the Warehouse District. Jeannie Mah returns to host her popular tour of modernist architecture in the downtown.


Author: Gregory Beatty

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