The fourth annual Jane’s Walk is set to go in Regina on May 5-6. Named after the influential urban theorist Jane Jacobs (1916-2006), the walks started in Toronto in 2007, and have since spread to dozens of cities in North America and around the world.

As the title implies, the event is organized around walking tours of different neighbourhoods to enable people to join with each other to learn at street level about the unique history, architecture and personalities of their community. All of which are key ideas that Jacobs’ championed in her work.

For more on Jane’s Walk you can visit this site. What local organizers are interested in doing now is lining up volunteers to lead the walking tours. In past years, they’ve had maybe 20 spread over the two days. Certainly, there are neighbourhoods in Regina that have more well-defined identities than other neighbourhoods and therefore are natural candidates for Jane’s Walks. But I’m sure organizers are keen to have as many areas of the city as possible represented. If this sound like something you’d like to do you can get in touch with them at