James Gandolfini, R.I.P.


UPDATE: Steve here. Jorge beat Carle and me (this short post was ironically a team effort) to the punch. But it’s a pretty damn big loss so we’ll leave both posts up. Now watch the video and remember greatness.

Author: Carle Steel

Carle Steel was a simple moisture farmer on a barren, sun-baked world who, through fate and destiny, brought the mighty Galactic Empire to its knees. She likes cats, bats, mice and you.

2 thoughts on “James Gandolfini, R.I.P.”

  1. Kind of makes you hope he had just gone into the Witness Protection Program…

    I loved the series, and his work was amazing.

  2. He will be missed. I’m glad he went into other different roles to show he wasn’t only good as a mobster boss.

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