Please, please, please vote for the candidate in your riding most likely to defeat a Conservative tomorrow. Especially in Palliser (Evanchuck-NDP)  and Wascana (Goodale-Liberal). The current Conservatives are the worst political party we’ve ever seen. They’ll hurt the country if they get a majority.

Globe And Mail writer Matthew Hays wrote an excellent rebuttal to his paper’s evil, brain-dead endorsement of the Conservatives this weekend. You should read the whole thing. Here’s a sample:

This dishonesty transcends the kind of white lies that people expect of politicians; it suggests hostility toward the truth. Indeed, in some of the government’s stranger moments, the Conservatives appear to have lost touch with reality altogether, blinded by ideology while caught in their own spin cycle. Witness their response to being the first government in Canadian history to be found in contempt of Parliament. To the Tories, this was a mere difference of opinion. The Globe endorsement made no mention of that.

To me, this election goes beyond ideology: it’s about trust. The very fact that Mr. Harper and his entourage could behave in such a dishonest manner and still get The Globe’s endorsement is an indication of how cynical we’ve become about our political process under this government.

It’s a little more reasonable than what I wrote on the topic, though perhaps slightly less passionate.

Good night, sleep well and cast a wise ballot.