THE RIDERS ARE GOING TO SUCK EVEN WORSE IN 2012 Shorter Brendan Taman: Who cares about scouting for the next season? The Riders still have a chance for a playoff spot. (Leader-Post) About the chance Jim Carrey had with Lauren Holly in Dumb and Dumber but still …

Look Taman, your job is to worry about 2012. Start bringing in players and scouting for next year’s training camp. Unless, of course, you have reason to believe you won’t be there …

COMPANY MAN TO THE END Maybe it’s a bit unfair to say, but Steve Jobs didn’t die (Fast Company) until after the NYSE closed for the day, thus preserving Apple’s share prices for a few more hours. Then again, who – okay, maybe Bill Gates – has changed the world the way Jobs has? (The Guardian) I guess I shouldn’t be so snarky (Poets and Quants) since many of the Tweets of remembrances I’m seeing on my computer probably came from iPads and iPhones, I’m downloading podcasts on iTunes as I write this, and I’m looking for my iPod nano. And, as Susie Bright mentions, Apple really overhauled the desktop publishing industry a generation ago. About journalism … well, the jury’s still out. (

THIS IS WHAT A POLICE STATE LOOKS LIKE NYPD breaks heads for some reason during the Occupy Wall Street protests. (Fox News)

MUCH ADO ABOUT NOTHING?’s projection on the Ontario election? A likely Liberal majority, thanks to a near-complete meltdown by Tim Hudak and Rob Ford. Ontarians are not so much voting Liberal as they are voting against the Conservatives … (Toronto Star)

THANK YOU LAWRENCE MARTIN … and here’s why they’re voting against the Conservatives. If the Cons had the same ‘three strikes and you’re out’ mentality for their own MPs as they have for lawbreakers, Tony Clement would never have a job again.

MORELY LINES UP HIS LEMMINGS By firing the CEO of the Saskatchewan Indian Gaming Authority (Leader-Post) and keeping the gravy train rolling to its bloated board of directors, the Federation of Saskatchewan Indian Nations is setting itself up for a showdown with the Wall government next spring.

AND A FEW OTHER THINGS One of my favorite hockey players when I was growing up also had brain damage from the sport at the time of his death, (Globe and Mail), a major American bank is accused of ripping off U.S. servicemen and and the government, (Think Progress) The mayor of Toronto had a lot of gravy at fundraising dinners, but no other details (Globe and Mail), and Rodney Harrison eloquently calls out Brett Farve for acting like a jerk (Pro Football Weekly).

YOUR MUSICAL MOMENT OF ZEN Because I damn well want to, Yukon Blonde performing Cinnamon Girl.