Have you looked out the window today? Any window will do. It’s sort of grey and dreary, a dull winter light without enough snow to really generate some good luminance. It might as well be the middle of the night out there, because at least then you wouldn’t have to stare through the window and notice everything looking kind of ugly and scrubby, an outward signifier of the sorry state of our souls, because Hey, Christopher Hitchens died yesterday and so will you. That’s what today looks like: our inevitable, individual ends, each parceled out to each, oblivion and negation for all the boys and girls, naughty and nice, progressive or conservative, gay or ungay. With that in mind, I’m going to O’Hanlon’s after work to to clog up a few neurons. It’s also a good day to listen to a bit of Laurie Anderson and reflect on the meaning of it all. Also you should be looking forward to Christmas.