It’s Sorta Batman’s 75th Anniversary

84C_3631Celebrations are afoot for the 75th anniversary of Batman’s first appearance in, um, May 1939… so wait, what? Well, never mind. For whatever reason today, DC Comics has declared today, July 23 to be Batman Day to celebrate three-quarters of a century of caped crusading. The Globe And Mail has a story here, while the Telegraph marks this somewhat peculiarly dated occasion with a list of 10 things you didn’t know about Batman. More importantly, comic book shops are having fun with cosplay and other shenanigans. I was down at ComicReaders south (4603 Albert St.) earlier today, where I met a seedy, stubbly version of Batman and his friends Robin and, um, Ghost Rider? I’m confused. Anyway, there was cake and pop and an opportunity to donate to Souls Harbour. And Darrol Hofmeister took some great photos. Here they are!





How are you guys celebrating Batman Day?

Author: Stephen Whitworth

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4 thoughts on “It’s Sorta Batman’s 75th Anniversary”

  1. Great photos. Kudos to Comic Readers for raising a few bucks for Souls Harbour. Batman should have shaved. And, I hope he took care of that photo-bomber in the last pic. Happy Sorta Batman Day!

  2. Hi. Thanks for the 10 things link.. A shitload of extra reading included. Good stuff w/pics & a video.

    When did R, wear; black yoga pants, red socks & soccer shoes ?


    Just the green speedo & ballet slippers.

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