Doomsday 2The clock has passed over to Dec. 21 in Saskatchewan. We’re okay here at the moment. No volcanoes, floods, aliens, lightning, earthquakes or giant, Regina-stomping kaiju. Though I guess they could be on city outskirts or emerging from Wascana lake even as I’m typing this. I’ll update this post if anything changes.

UPDATE 12:18 AM: I should probably explain the logo. As long-time Dog Blog readers might recall, back in spring 2011 the world was focussed on the doomsday prophecy of an old dude named Harold Camping. He’d got a lot of attention for his bible-based mathematical calculifications that indicated the world was going to end on May 21. Naturally, we live-blogged that “doomsday”. Designer Paul “awesome” Klassen even created a swank logo for it. Klassen updated his graphic for this apocalypse. Hope you like it. I mean, you better, because we probably don’t have long to live. After all, that last apocalypse was just about God (and if I understand this post by Rosie, Jesus and Macho Man Randy Savage were somehow involved). TODAY’S armageddon has Mayans. MAYANS, people! Much scarier.